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In order to integrate that with Drupal's search result page, the following function was added to template.php. The sponsored links were wrapped in divs so they can be themed with a different color. A note on performance: this is a large and busy site. This external search added about 600 milliseconds to Drupal's search, which is already in the.

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  • Dec 18, 2009 · I'm trying to customise the mark-up of the default search results page in Drupal 6. Specifically I'd like to remove the search box and the title from the page - I know I can hide it with CSS, but I'd rather it wasn't rendered in the first place..

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    2 theme calls to search-result.html.twig SearchExtraTypeSearch::buildResults in core/ modules/ search/ tests/ modules/ search_extra_type/ src/ Plugin/ Search/ SearchExtraTypeSearch.php Executes the search and builds render arrays for the result items..